This young lady attended concerned about her smile.

Most of the teeth had yellow and brown discolourations which clearly affected there patient’s smile.

I felt very self conscious about the staining and uncomfortable about the yellow discolouration

The patient

The problem was almost certainly causde by taking certain medicine in childhood so was deep within the tooth and would not just be polished away.

Dental Whitening is a very predictable procedure normally but this was an extreme example of discolouration so a full range of treatment options was discussed including restorative cosmetic treatment including veneers.

The least invasive option is always our first choice so we started with Philips home whitening, the patient had the option of progressing to the next phase of treatment if required.



Impressions were made and custom whitening trays made in just a few days. After just 2 weeks of simple gentle home whitening the patient’s smile was transformed.

Within two weeks of the treatment I really noticed a massive improvement

The patient


The result

This case is an extreme example of the changes possible with home whitening at Bachelors Walk dental we have helped hundreds of patients feel more confident when they smile with home dental bleaching using Philips Zoom tooth whitening.

Now the whitening is complete I feel delighted with the results and no longer worry about my smile I would highly recommend the treatment

The patient


andy wallace

Andrew Wallace is a professional opinion leader and lecturer on tooth whitening in the UK and Ireland for Philips.